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And now it’s October and we’re nearing the end of this extraordinary year.   October begins and ends with two dates unaffected by the Corona virus, however the same can’t be said for events usually held on these dates.  But not everything has been cancelled.  So, let’s take a look at what’s happening in Frankfurt this October.

German Reunification Day, 03 October (National Public Holiday)

This is the day when Germans celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall and Germany becoming a single nation again.  Across the country, a range of events usually take place. 

In Frankfurt head to Konstablerwache and browse the Antique Market.  The set-up is a little different so that it can go ahead in these Corona virus times, but it is still on (remember to bring your face mask!).

Unfortunately Jazz on the Third, an open air jazz concert in the Römerberg has been cancelled.

Green Sauce Gala, 10 October

Everything Green Sauce usually inundates Frankfurt when the fresh herbs needed to make this delicacy come into season in early May.  As things unfolded earlier in the year, the organisers responded quickly and moved the event to October.

Due to the Corona virus still being an issue, they have since changed the format for 2020.  Instead of the usual Festival lasting about a week, the Green Sauce Gala will be a one night spectacular.  There will be performances live on the stage however seating space is limited due to distancing requirements.  So, they are streaming the entertainment to various participating restaurants in Frankfurt, allowing a larger number of people to enjoy both the show and Green Sauce. 

You can also enjoy the evening from the comfort of your own home.  Simply order your Green Sauce Box and with it you’ll receive the streaming link for the night, or just book the streaming link and organise your own edibles for the evening.

All details are at the Green Sauce Festival website.

N.B. Organisers have set the date for Green Sauce Fest in 2021 in September.  They hope that life will be more normal by then and the Festival can revert to its normal format.   

Frankfurt Book Fair, 14-18 October

The organisers worked hard to keep this major international exhibition on the calendar.  However, in early September they acknowledged that having stalls, exhibitors and visitors at the Exhibition Centre was going to be too difficult to manage.  Nevertheless, not all is lost – they have planned plenty of virtual sessions instead.  As well, there is still a live programme on the stage in the Festhalle, which you can watch at the venue (you need a ticket!) or online. Additionally, various locations throughout the city are hosting events. 

The Book Fair features a different country as special guest every year and in 2020 it is Canada.

Find out all the details on the Book Fair website.

Mainova Frankfurt Marathon and Marathonmall, 23-25 October

The organisers were very disappointed to announce the cancellation of the event this year, but after considering all options, could see no alternative.

Keep an eye on the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon website for details of next year’s event.

End of Summertime, 25 October

This remains unaffected by Corona – remember to turn your clocks back an hour and enjoy sleeping in!

For a glimpse of what is on in Frankfurt over the next twelve months, head to our Calendar.