Empty shopping street in Frankfurt

What’s on in Frankfurt in April? In short, nothing, due to the coronavirus.

What can I say?  Life has been turned upside down and at present, nothing is happening anywhere, across most of Europe!  For the moment we are housebound, but eventually we will be through this phase and life will return to something resembling normal.   

While we are ensconced indoors, outside, nature is doing its thing.  The spring blossom is just about spent, but it was truly beautiful.  Now the spring bulbs are putting on their display with bursts of colour and trees are just starting to take on a green tinge.  The days are longer and the sun is warmer (sometimes…).

Easter, 10-13 April

Easter is still on!  You may not be able to go anywhere or see anyone, but the days will still happen.  Friday 10 April and Monday 13 April are public holidays.  This is probably the only year I will ever see Easter chocolates reduced by 50% – three weeks before Easter. 

Night of the Museums, 25 April

Unfortunately, the event for 25 April has been cancelled. 

Frankfurt is blessed with an abundance of museums and this should have been the night when they all stayed open until late (2 am), giving people the opportunity to have a totally different museum experience.  Usually, they feature their current exhibitions and some organise special behind-the-scenes tours.  As well, in and around the museums there are musicians and other artists performing live.   It’s normally a great evening with lots of atmosphere!  On purchasing a Night of the Museums ticket, people have access to all the places that are involved.  There are even some special transport options arranged for the night, to make travelling between the museums easier. 

A new date will be announced soon, hopefully later this year. Click here to read the latest on the Night of the Museums Facebook page. 

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