Cupcakes ready to purchase

When wandering through several of the street festivals around Frankfurt, you will notice a stall that may well surprise you – the We Love Cupcakes stall (cupcakes aren’t traditionally a German thing!).  They sell a range of delectable goodies, the main features being cupcakes and cakepops.  I have been a regular customer, consuming far too many of these exquisite delicacies when they are available and then counting the days until the next opportunity.  So when I heard that We Love Cupcakes was expanding into a a cafe, I knew I had to go and pay a visit. 

NOTE This information has been independently produced by your Friend in Frankfurt, who has a weakness for cupcakes. All bias is entirely my own. The contents have not been sponsored or paid for in any way.

The Cafe

Inside the shop – display stand with cupcake accessories

The We Love Cupcakes shop is conveniently located in Frankfurt in Gartenstrasse, Sachsenhausen, a short walk from the Schweizerstrasse U-Bahn stop.  When you enter the store, the focal point is the display case with its fastidiously arranged assortment of edible treats. 

In contrast to the intricate decorations of the cupcakes themselves, the decor of the cafe is elegantly restrained.  The chairs and tables are a crisp white, as is the set of shelves where a range of (inedible) goods is on display.  Through the windows across the front of the cafe you can keep an eye on what is happening out in Gartenstrasse.      

The Cupcakes

The cupcakes come in two sizes – regular and mini.  Flavour-wise, you can find the usuals, such as Vanilla and Chocolate (Triple Choc or Oreo) along with Coconut or Apple and Caramel.  If you want something more traditionally American, then try Red Velvet or Peanut Butter and Jelly.  Personally, I have found the Carrot and Walnut a tempting alternative to something chocolate.

You may also find seasonal variations, notably Lebkuchen at Christmas time.

The cakepops also come in different flavours, the standards being chocolate and vanilla.  You can’t tell from the (amazing!) decorations what the flavour on the inside is.  If it’s important, ask…

The Experience

As I was already a fan of the cupcakes, for me it was all about visiting the cafe.

I arrived quite early and so was able to choose a seat looking out into the street where I could watch the world go by.  Although the normal list of coffee-based drinks was available, I ordered a hot chocolate along with my Oreo cupcake.  This was the first time I have seen a drinks list with the hot chocolate available in three different strengths.  I was impressed but also curious – would my hot chocolate actually have an intense chocolate flavour?  

It only took a couple of minutes for my order to arrive.  After years of eating cupcakes on the run while juggling bags and often an umbrella, it was a little strange to have the cupcake arrive on a plate with a cake fork.  Good strange.  It was actually very pleasant to be able to sit and slowly savour every morsel, while listening to the mellow background music.  And the dark hot chocolate lived up to the billing, having a lovely rich chocolate flavour. 

That was my first visit to the We Love Cupcakes Cafe and I was impressed with the service, the surrounds and the ambience and (of course!) the cupcakes.  I will definitely return.   

The Details

We Love Cupcakes shop from outside

We Love Cupcakes

Gartenstrasse 35

60596 Frankfurt am Main

Also, look out for the We Love Cupcakes stall at festivals such as Fressgass Fest, Opernplatzfest, Museumsuferfest and the Frankfurt Christmas Market.