Goods for sale in the Kleinmarkthalle, Frankfurt

The Kleinmarkthalle is an institution in Frankfurt.  It is a market hall full of stalls that sell an incredible range of local produce and international specialties.  It’s right in the middle of the city and like markets in cities around the world, is full of colour and action and definitely worth looking around during your stay.  Let’s pay a visit to Frankfurt’s Kleinmarkthalle and see what is on offer. Overview The Kleinmarkthalle of today, has been open for business for more than 60 years.  It was built to replace an earlier building that, along with most of central Frankfurt, was destroyed in the Second WorldRead More →

Springtime along the Main

This is the month when you suddenly realise that spring has arrived.  Trees blossom, new leaves start to appear and you can see spring bulbs blooming around the place.  Cafes put their outdoor seating back out and gradually the city reawakens.  It may still be a bit cool, but the brighter days encourage you to venture out and experience what the city has to offer.  So, here’s what’s on in Frankfurt in March. Luminale, 12-15 March This is an art exhibition that is held every second year and usually coincides with the Light and Building Trade Show.  Lighting artists set up their works at variousRead More →

Cupcakes ready to purchase

When wandering through several of the street festivals around Frankfurt, you will notice a stall that may well surprise you – the We Love Cupcakes stall (cupcakes aren’t traditionally a German thing!).  They sell a range of delectable goodies, the main features being cupcakes and cakepops.  I have been a regular customer, consuming far too many of these exquisite delicacies when they are available and then counting the days until the next opportunity.  So when I heard that We Love Cupcakes was expanding into a a cafe, I knew I had to go and pay a visit.  NOTE This information has been independently produced byRead More →

Misty day, Frankfurt am Main

Yes, it’s still winter, but the days are already starting to draw out just a little.  You probably need a clear sky to appreciate it (or even notice it), though. Despite the season, there are a couple of notable events that occur in February. February brings a very special time of year.  In roughly the second week of the month, the ice cream shops open for business again after their winter break.  It’s the first sign that spring is around the corner.  You can easily tell when it happens because of the long queues that even stretch outside onto the footpaths, especially if there isRead More →

Souvenir Shops in Frankfurt am Main

So you’re in Frankfurt and buying souvenirs to remember your time here is on your list of ‘things to do’.  But what should you get? And where should you go to purchase your memento??  Let’s take a look…  Souvenirs – the Usual Range Walk in and around the Römer in Frankfurt and you will see a number of shops selling t-shirts, fridge magnets, bags, tea towels and other typical souvenirs.  There is a great selection of items with ‘Frankfurt’ emblazoned on them or featuring the skyscrapers or the River. Simply make your selection.     Traditionally German Germany produces a wonderful range of wooden ornaments andRead More →

Lights in Frankfurt

And so the New Year and a new decade begin. As it is the middle of winter, there aren’t so many things going on in the city Frankfurt in January.  However, there are a couple of art exhibitions of note.  Plus there is a big sporting event and a special birthday celebration this year that are worth mentioning at the outset, so that you can make your plans accordingly.   Happy New Year! 01 January The first of January is a public holiday, so sleep in and take it easy.  Making Van Gogh Exhibition, Städel Museum, 23 October 2019 – 16 February 2020 This isRead More →