Souvenir Shops in Frankfurt am Main

So you’re in Frankfurt and buying souvenirs to remember your time here is on your list of ‘things to do’.  But what should you get? And where should you go to purchase your memento??  Let’s take a look…

 Souvenirs – the Usual Range

Walk in and around the Römer in Frankfurt and you will see a number of shops selling t-shirts, fridge magnets, bags, tea towels and other typical souvenirs.  There is a great selection of items with ‘Frankfurt’ emblazoned on them or featuring the skyscrapers or the River. Simply make your selection.    

Traditionally German

Germany produces a wonderful range of wooden ornaments and these are also available in dedicated shops in Frankfurt.  In these shops you’ll find wooden nutcrackers, amazing pyramids and a huge selection of other items and figurines. 

Towards the end of the year you can buy lovely Christmas decorations in these stores, but for a few weeks before Easter, you’ll find superbly decorated eggs that you then hang on a tree (there are people who hang them outside on trees in their gardens, although personally I find them far too beautiful and fragile).     

Distinctively Frankfurt

A Specialist Souvenir Store, Frankfurt

Frankfurt is proud of its heritage.  It has a unique skyline (for Germany) and special cuisine (click here to read about Frankfurt delicacies). These themes have been used as the basis for collections of gifts and accessories.

Take Green Sauce, for example.  You can buy things as diverse as serviettes printed with the herbs, to the seeds of the herbs themselves, ready for you to plant.  As well there are edibles such as a salt mix and pasta, both containing the herbs.

Then there is apple wine.  Buy the wine itself or the glasses or jug (bembel) to take home with you, or alternatively  purchase a whole range of bembel-inspired gift-ware, including computer accessories, pens and notebooks, coasters and even bembel-themed items for pets.

These products (and more) are available from various outlets in the city, notably the Hessen Shop, which has four shops around Frankfurt, one of which is at the back of the Kleinmarkthalle.  Click here to get to the Hessen Shop website, where you can find the addresses of all their stores.

So, there you have it – buying souvenirs in Frankfurt in a nutshell. Talking about what to buy and where to get it is the easy part. The hard part is actually choosing.

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