It was a strange beginning – I didn’t choose Frankfurt, it was the opportunity to move that I took.  However, I was immediately enthralled and thankfully Frankfurt seemed to choose me and has provided me with all I need to start life in a foreign country.  I arrived nearly a decade ago, unsure if this would be my final destination.  Yet despite my original uncertainty, I still call Frankfurt home.

In my first weeks here, I had time on my hands and so made it a daily challenge to explore the city, particularly the central area.  Now, even on days when I don’t have to go into the city, that is exactly what I do, to walk by the river, do a spot of shopping or pop into a bakery for something sweet (or for bread!).

I love being by the Main, but also enjoy wandering through the streets, browsing the myriad of shops and simply observing the day-to-day activities around this dynamic metropolis.

And that is what brings me here – wanting to share the Frankfurt I know with you.  If you are planning a trip to Frankfurt am Main, I hope you find all the information you need here.  But if not, please, don’t hesitate to ask.  I would love to help.


Your Friend in Frankfurt