Goods for sale in the Kleinmarkthalle, Frankfurt

The Kleinmarkthalle is an institution in Frankfurt.  It is a market hall full of stalls that sell an incredible range of local produce and international specialties.  It’s right in the middle of the city and like markets in cities around the world, is full of colour and action and definitely worth looking around during your stay.  Let’s pay a visit to Frankfurt’s Kleinmarkthalle and see what is on offer.


Looking along the Gallery

The Kleinmarkthalle of today, has been open for business for more than 60 years.  It was built to replace an earlier building that, along with most of central Frankfurt, was destroyed in the Second World War.   

The complex has three levels: ground level which houses most of the stalls, an upstairs gallery with a single row of stalls and the cellar, where there is a fishmonger.    Upstairs, at one end of the gallery is the in-house restaurant, the ‘Markt-Stubb’.  At the other end is a balcony overlooking an area that adjoins the Liebfrauenberg.       

The Stalls

These days there are about 60 stalls that sell all sorts of fresh fruit and vegetables, herbs and spices, meat (including seafood) and sausages, dairy products, bread and cakes, and cut flowers as well as plants, seeds and other supplies for those with a green thumb.  It truly is fascinating just to browse and see what is available! 

View over the stalls in the Kleinmarkthalle

Some of the stalls sell local produce, sourced from growers and makers in the areas around Frankfurt while others offer foreign delicacies from far flung corners of the globe.  There are stalls offering typical foods from such places as Italy, Turkey, Spain and Greece but in the mix you’ll also find tropical fruit (think mangosteens and rambutan) and cooking ingredients from South East Asia.

Are you feeling hungry?  It’s not just raw foodstuffs that are available.  As you make your way through the market you’ll find a host of stalls selling food that is ready to eat.  Purchase various snacks, for now or later.  Or, select something more substantial then find a spot to sit or stand and enjoy it.     

Frankfurt Specialities

Frankfurt has several distinctive foods, a couple of which are available in the Kleinmarkthalle (click here to read about Frankfurt’s specialty foods). 

Green Sauce is available in two forms.  First of all, at stalls selling local fruit and vegetables, bundles of the fresh herbs are on offer.  You can purchase a packet and use them to make your own batch of sauce.  However, that may not be very practical if you are here on holiday…

Instead, treat yourself to a truly Frankfurt lunch – Green Sauce served over boiled potatoes and a couple of halves of hard-boiled eggs.  Purchase from one of the stalls, then find a table where you can stand and eat. 

You can also buy Hand Käse, Frankfurt’s own cheese at the Kleinmarkthalle.  Look out for it at the specialty cheese stalls.      

The Markt-Stubb

If you need a break during your visit to the Kleinmarkthalle, then this is where you need to go. It is a little restaurant with a lot of atmosphere.  Drop in for sustenance during your shopping trip or get your day off to a good start with one of their breakfasts.  The menu consists of typical German food and changes regularly.      

The West End of the Kleinmarkthalle

The Kleinmarkthalle isn’t just a place to shop.  On Saturdays, stalls set up outside at the west end of the hall and people gather and enjoy fine wine and the social environment.  You don’t have to wait for Saturdays, though.  Inside, upstairs, next to the balcony is a wine stall, so you can purchase, proceed out onto the balcony and savour your drink up there in the open air, while watching the activity below.      

The Hessen Shop

At the western end of the hall, before you go outside, you can find a Hessen Shop.  There are several of them around the city and they carry a fantastic selection of Frankfurt/Hesse-themed souvenirs and gifts.  For more information about Hessen Shops and what they offer, click here.

The Address

The Kleinmarkthalle is located at 5-7 Hasengasse in central Frankfurt.

And so ends our short visit to Frankfurt’s Kleinmarkthalle.  It really is a special place in modern-day Frankfurt – as its tagline says, a piece of Frankfurt with heart.  If you have questions about the Kleinmarkthalle, or anything else Frankfurt-related, please don’t hesitate to contact your Friend in Frankfurt using the form below.